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EVERYONE take a look at these!!!

My final whistle status for the three that I have been working on! They (except vulpix)  are all finished! (vulpix has to go under some more work, i accidently used old glaze which cracked and flacked of of vulpix's lil' tail ;_; its tragic I know but she will be fine) But the others have survived the harsh operation and withstood the heat of the kiln and emerged to be gorgeous!!! take a look!

First up! Larvitar!!! (come on people Look at that SHINE!!!!)

Next Up!! Behold Leafeon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such a beautiful sculpture~~~~ <3 sadly, she doesnt whistle very well, Its more of a high pitched screech. SO!!! She is very unique!! The first Leafeon every to disregard grasswhistle and learns the move screech instead!!!

Make sure you guys look out for an auction post soon to arrive! it WILL feature vulpix as well so it may be a week before you see the post! :D thanks for looking!


i love pokemon, all of them, but there are a lot that i like to collect~ eeveelutions, absol, ninetales, zoroark, and mew~ now im not trying to collect EVERYTHING thats been made of these pokemon, i just wants kids, zukans, figures and what i think are 'cute' plush. so here is my first wants post~~~

i love ninetales<3 and this zukan just makes it look beautiful~ this is like a grail because im expecting it to be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery expensive~
  I want these! mostly umbreon! i will do a trade from anything in my shop to a custom trade!! i really want an umbreon before they get too expensive help?!

so, specail zukan aside heres a simple list of pokemon that i would be honored to have in my collection~
V-TRAINER ITEMS!!!- damn i love these things! i play the games and im awesome at them! >< but im missing some of the pokemonz! i needz them!
other vtrainer items that i want

  • phanpy
  • Alakazam
  • Sceptile (unsure if its real)
  • Steelix (hasnt been released)
  • Bulbasaur (unreleased)
  • Blastiose (unreleased)
  • Metagross (unreleased)
  • cyndiquil
  • heracross
  • pichu
  • marshtomp
  • Bugsy gym board
  • may gym board
  • morty gym leader baord
  • clair gym baord (if it exists)

  • clear kids 
  • new tomy
  • original and clear kids
  • new pose tomy
  • attck kid, attack clear kid
  • pokedoll
  • clear kids
  • pokedoll
  • tomy
  • new pose kid, old pose kid, clear kids
  • v trainer figure without chip
  • clear kid
  • pokedoll
  • palace figure (with er without set)
  • clear kids, attack kid (old)
  • pokedoll
  • tomy
  • palace figure (i dont care if its with er without the set)
large scale tomy figure*
bathsalt figure
bandai figure
clear kids, shiny kid
pencil topper
zukan piece
bandai attack figure*
retsuden stamper*

mew TFG**
mew zukans
big tomy mew
talking mew (works please!)
any mew kids, clear mew kids (i have the one thats pointing... and thats it)

Non-Pokemon items!
i want these books
and last but not least!!! a haruko doll!!


~Rules and Whateverzz~

  • I live in the US and im now shipping internationally!!!
  • Paypal only please!
  • prices do not include shipping and such, unless it says 'SHIPPED' 
  • US dollar readings
  • please place zip code within your post along with all you wish to purchase
  • i am open to trades so heres my wants list
  • haggling is OK!
  • if you want an item to be held please tell me
  • LJ name and what you've purchased within paypal note section
  • shipping starts at $1.50 through the US
  • Sales post permission granted by denkimouse on 9-20-10
  • everything is coming from a cat happy house~ with a dog also
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Thanks for looking!

a photoStory My First!!

Hi! Im a Lucario named Sake! and We are making a trip to this new sushi place. My trainer took photos cause she said it would be fun!

thats me!

We're in the city! we hardly ever go there

look at how tall!! O.o

the trees had lights on them, so i wanted to unplug them >:D

we're HERE!!

chop stix!

Sake: Oh a drink!? fer Me?
Trainer: No! thats mine!! T.T

booster seat Please!! O.o

Our order has arrived! (bout time too)

Thanks fer looking!

My first Arrival!

its finally arrived! the package that I've been waiting fer so eargerly to arrive! I knew the post guy came at 1 so to pass some time I took to showering. I got out and dressed then i went outside to see if they came, nuthin on my doorstep so i thought "oh..." (i didnt know the package was small enough to fit inside my mailbox!) I walked over and pulled the mailbox open and there it was!<3 a lil poofy package addressed to me! I got so excited! I ran into the house and forced myself to blow dry my hair so that i'd look a lil nice.( plus it built up amazing anticipation) I went back to my room and the Family council was already lined up to meet the newcomers. (I have a picture story laterz) Mew (being the leader) took scissors at hand and sliced through that package. and out came the 5 new members! Mewtwo, Scyther, Jolteon, Growlithe, and absol! <3
Jolteon kid is now one of the council members for being an eevee and the rest are the start of my wonderful growing kids collection!<3 Thank you Lunaeris!!!

Pokemon Collection Update! (the first!)

Family portrait

yellow team

orange team

red team

purple team

blue team

Pink team

green team

black team


And a few of my own makeshift items<3

This lovely Paper mache mew hangs gracefully from my ceiling!

But thats it fer now! im expecting some stuff in the mail so be ready!

the toy cleanser

ive been looking up and working on ways to clean toys... mine are so dirty and i love my pokemon so much that i want them to be happy and sparkly and clean! like woody in toystory2! after he was repaired and cleaned up he was happy! i want my pokemon ta be da same wayz >.>

and so i am activated!

sooo many cute items to choose from but noy ye able to buy... :( sad... til today!!! when things have finally pulled through! i can now purchase any items i want! i must must must MUST remember not to spend too much er else i wont have any money to spend on pokemanz anymorez... that will make me super sad! so cheers to buying AND saving!!